Antioxidants are Better than Sunscreens for Anti-Aging

Posted on October 25, 2012


The common knowledge being thrown out in the public right now is that harmful UV sunrays are damaging to the skin and that premature aging of the skin is caused by UVA radiation. So the solution for the past decade has been to ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN with Broad Spectrum protection. But are SPF products the best weapon to fight off premature aging?

Answer: Not really.
UVA and UVB rays comprise around 7% of solar energy produced by our sun a hundred million miles away. So wearing sunscreen blocks out just only seven percent of it. However scientists are just starting to find out that INFRARED RADIATION, which makes up around 54% of solar energy, also causes premature skin aging. So in essence, infrared radiation is more deadly than UV radiation we are so keen about these days because we are exposed to it in much higher concentrations.

So are there products that help ward off infrared radiation? Not really yet but studies show that antioxidants found in men’s and women’s skin care products have been found to help immensely. A new trend among dermatologists now gaining traction is to now recommend the concurrent use of a broad spectrum sunscreen along with an antioxidant serum or lotion. This powerful combo will help protect your skin better from solar energy. Some dermatologists even no longer use sunscreens but only now wear antioxidant serums for better anti-aging protection.

But wouldn’t it be optimal if you can use a SPF30+ face broad spectrum sunscreen filled with serious antioxidant ingredients? You kill two birds with one stone. I am always a believer of multi-functioning products as it means you have less products to purchase as long as it works effectively for ALL purposes it is intended for. So this does go back to my previous post I wrote about the TwinLuxe Anti-Aging SPF Moisturizer as the best skincare product of the year. The TwinLuxe sunscreen is an excellent non-oily SPF40 rich in antioxidants ingredients as well as new technology stem cells … in my opinion the best solution for UV + solar energy protection.