Tips on How to Get Rid of Back Acne aka Bacne

Posted on October 29, 2012


Back acne affects a lot of people and a vast majority of those affected are men. Having bacne can be embarrassing especially during the summer season when you walk around shirtless around the swimming pool or beach amongst friends and family.   For some, this can lead to mental distress. Another side effect is the horrible scarring which tends to last longer compared to facial acne scarring which, in general, visibly disappear quicker.

back acne aka bacne

In my recent exfoliation skincare article, I explained the differences between mechanical and chemical exfoliation. I want to stress the importance of mechanical exfoliation for treating bacne. It is crucial for defeating this embarrassing and stubborn condition which many men struggle with on a daily basis.

There are tons of articles on the web about acne and how it forms so I won’t bother to go into detail about that. As a past sufferer of both facial and back acne, I consider myself a hands-on expert with how to deal with acne and how to fight it. It’s why I created this men’s skincare blog – to share my knowledge I’ve amassed over the years through personal experience through trial and error.

The key for me for curing bacne was exfoliation with a back brush.

backbrush for bacne

My condition was severe and the acne I got on my back were the painful, large cystic acne which sometimes took an entire month to go away. It didn’t matter how many showers I took or how clean my back felt. My bacne didn’t start to disappear on a consistent basis until after I started exfoliating my back daily. I used to wash my back thoroughly with a soap bar but for some reason, I’d still get these annoying cystic acne. What was I doing wrong? That’s the question I asked myself for years. I tried washing my back using different soaps, gels, cleansers, loofahs, and other various scrubs. But the thing that finally worked on a consistent basis was scrubbing my back with a back brush.

After a month of scrubbing, I noticed the severity of my back acne diminishing. Don’t worry about scrubbing too hard or over exfoliating because your back has very thick skin, unlike your face, so it can take a lot of abuse. I’d still get the occasional outbreak here and there but at least I saw improvement. I still wasn’t content though … I wanted better results.

I changed my back cleansing routine several more ways while incorporating my back brush but didn’t notice any more improvement until this very minor change. Who would have though this minute change would be the secret … put liquid soap directly onto the back brush bristles and then scrub your back with the brush. I used to always apply my soap and shower gel by hand onto my back first and then later scrub with my back brush. I didn’t know pouring the shower gel onto the back brush bristles first would make that much of a difference but it did!

Over a month period, I notice my back cleared up and visible scarring faded. In addition to my shower gel, I began adding a pump of my facial scrub so I could exfoliate my back even more. Over another month period, my back drastically improved and my bacne scarring which accumulated over the past 20 years finally began to wane away.

Another tip – if you have a difficult time reaching behind your back with a back brush or scrubbing all areas of your back due to inflexibility, then I suggest taking a shower with your loved one and asking her to scrub your back for you. Scrub her back as well and make it a frequent ritual. Not only will you both have fun, but you’ll both be promoting healthy skin.

That’s how I conquered back acne. I hope you try my advice, and I still can’t believe how simple it was. Let me know how it works for you, and hopefully everyone who reads this article can finally say R.I.P. to stubborn bacne.

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