Best Luxury Women’s Skin Care Lines

Sulshasoo skin care for women

Sulwhasoo skin care for women

Most women mix and match products from different manufacturers when it comes to purchasing skincare or cosmetics for their daily routines. For example one lady would purchase her favorite eye cream only from La Prairie, limited edition lipstick from Mac, and broad spectrum sunscreen from La Roche-Posay. We think this happens because of the vast cosmetics and makeup retail offerings available to females. Men on the other hand do not have much to choose from and most end up buying a manufacturer’s entire skin care line for use as their skincare regimen.

However if a woman wanted to follow a single manufacturer’s specific recommended skincare tips by purchasing a core selection of their products to use, we recommend the following as the best overall luxury women’s skincare ranges of 2013, in order of preference (average product costs $20+):

  1. Sulwhasoo — This Korean skincare line is the first-ever brand to incorporate nutrient-rich ginseng as its key ingredient. Ginseng, used by the Chinese for more than 5,000 years, is referred to as the flower of life because of its “chi”, or vital essense. Famed for its anti-aging benefits, ginseng contains large concentrations of phytonutrients which stimulate the skin’s metabolism and blood flow to regenerate and tone, and also brightens the whiteness of skin. Since Chinese, Japanese, and Korean women desire flawless and white toned skin, Sulshasoo is a big favorite among Asians. We consider Sulwhasoo the best Korean skin care line for women. Their hit product, though all of them are 4 or 5-star rated in our book, is their ‘Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream’ formulated with 6-year old Korean ginseng and other Korean herbs — one of our top ranking face creams that penetrates to the deepest layers of the skin.
  2. Kanebo Impress — In pursuit of exquisite “high-end” beauty, this Japanese line pioneered the use of Rose Myrtle Extract (promotes the repair of DNA damage from within to encourage proper skin functioning which prevents wrinkle formations, sagging skin and other symptons of ageing), the hallmark Impress anti-aging skincare ingredient. This range stands out from others because we find that their products offer supreme skin moisturization in a flash like no other. Their ‘Lotion Ia/IIa’ facial moisturizer is such an example and delivers the unlimited power of water to your skin bringing back instant full resillence and translucency.
  3. SK-II — The story about SK-II revolves around the elderly workers at a Japanese sake brewery. They had wrinkled faces but extraordinary soft and youthful looking hands which were always in constant contact with the sake fermentation process. From that scientists discovered SK-II’s miracle anti-aging ingredient called Pitera, a naturally derived liquid from the yeast fermentation process. Their signature product is their ‘Facial Treatment Essense’, which contains over 90% pure Pitera making it one of the best face treatments we have ever used. Another standout product is their ‘Skin Signature Melting Rich Cream’, a super concentrated face cream that melts and wraps your skin in moisture. SK-II is not for the average Jane in terms of price but it’s definitely worth it if you can afford it!
  4. Paula’s Choice — In our opinion, this is the best female skincare range on the luxury market that delivers remarkable quality and efficacy at a very affordable price. Paula’s Choice products are known for their use of non-toxic and safe natural ingredients. Their products have successfully treated everything from acne to wrinkles and are 100% guaranteed to work for your skin type and concerns. Our personal favorites from the line are their ‘Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant’ (an awesome exfoliant that gets rid of acne and blackheads while unclogging and reducing pore size) and ‘Resist Weightless Body Treatment 2% BHA’ (an effective antioxidant lotion that fights acne breakouts and smoothes skin).
  5. Manuka Doctor — This line revolves around a highly purified bee venom key ingredient that provides powerful anti-aging benefits and fights acne. It sounds gimmicky and marketing savy, but really Manuka Doctor products work fantastically! Their best-selling products sell in the $40s and are highly natural without the use or parabens or SLS. Our favorite is the ApiNourish Rejuvenating Face Mask.

The women skin care ranges detailed above make fantastic presents for any discerning female beauty purist. Our top 3 picks for best skincare lines for women come hard on the wallet but provide ever-lasting happiness and youth to all who can buy.

** If you enjoyed reading our review, please also check out our top rated pick for best skincare product of 2013 — a 3-in-1 anti-aging moisturizer and facial sunscreen, the ultimate performance face skin treatment that also comes with a very reasonable price tag.

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  1. Dee Sallows

    August 7, 2013

    very good information about skin products. I am 66 and still want the best.
    Thank you

  2. Nice Blog, Thanks for sharing your views that will be very informational for all.


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