Best Luxury Men’s Skin Care Lines

TwinLuxe Shaving SkinCare – my top pick for best men’s skin care range

Ever since today’s modern man is placing his face and look on a pedestal in front of a mirror each day, choosing the right skin care products to use is important if you want to achieve that flawless clean look. There are many many brands to choose from and it may be confusing as to which line to buy. Hopefully my detailed product reviews of the best men’s skincare brands below will help guide your decision. Bottom line, you get what you pay for.

I have tried thoroughly almost every men’s range in existence over the past few years and have narrowed down my favorites according to price range categories. Here they are in order of preference:

LUXURY men’s skin care (average product costs $20+):

  1. TwinLuxe – this luxury niche brand offers the best male grooming line on the market today. I am in love with all 8 of their products.
    My top 4 picks are their newly released Anti-Aging SPF Moisturizer (it’s infused with new stem cell technology to fight wrinkles + spf 40 non-greasy broad spectrum sunscreen + hydrating moisturizer), Booster Serum, Soothing Face Balm, and Smooth Shave Cream. Their line is performance based, meaning that every product works as advertised. For example, you get a moisturizer that hydrates and you get a facial wash that cleanses and does not dry out your face. HIGHLY HIGHLY Recommended to all men!
  2. Zirh Platinum – a super expensive line that offers good effective results. Their Age Defense cream is the standout of the range. Definitely not for everyone because of the steep price tags, but if you can afford it you may want to give them a try.
  3. Audaca – a moderately priced and highly natural and effective skincare line with a strong smoky masculine scent. Not found everywhere as this niche line just launched in February 2013. But if you can get your hands on their Hydrate or Wash products, you are a winner. Get in with their fantastic skin care components, but we recommend to avoid their shaving components.
  4. John Varvatos – this well known clothing brand has a great skin care range for men. My favorite product from JV is their Even Tone Skin Cream. It is really nourishing to the epidermis but does have a slight greasy feeling which I prefer it didn’t have. Very gentle formulas for the skin which anyone can use daily.
  5. Jack Black – this line is sold at every upscale department store such as Nordstrom and Saks. So the benefit is that it is always easy to replenish your stock. Their Face Buff Energizing Face Scrub and Protein Booster Skin Serum are their top sellers. This line is a great starter range for men wanting to venture into using luxury men’s skincare. I suggest trying Jack Black out and then if you are ready to step up, then ultimately buy the TwinLuxe range.

MASS MARKET men’s skin care (average product costs $10 or less):

The following two companies offer simple and effective solutions for healthy skin — no frills products but worth every dime as they cost only $10 or less per pop. I would recommend them for college students who are tight on the wallet.

  1. Neutrogena Men’s
  2. Nivea for Men

(This page is constantly updated to reflect our top favorite men’s skin care brands to date. Please come back often!)

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