Ramen Noodle Baths As A Skincare Treatment

Posted on June 23, 2015


Ichiro_Furuya_founder_noodle_ramen-spa-bath-house-japan-skincare-collagenThe title of this blog itself sounds a little strange but yes you did read it correctly. The latest strange craze going on in Hakone, Japan is bathing at your local ramen bathhouse — Yunessan Spa House.

Ramen-looking bowl bathtubs are filled with 100% pork-based broths (supposedly to be high in collagen so good for your skin) and synthetic ramen noodles. Enjoy bathing in here with your friends and family but I wouldn’t drink the broth lol. Get clearer looking skin while enjoying BEING in your favorite ramen bowl.

When you can’t think of anything weirder people will do to get a clearer brighter complexion, just go to Japan and something new will shock you guaranteed!