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Review of BALDWIN Facial Moisturizing Lotion

October 26, 2015


The Baldwin range of grooming products for men was created by the vision of three guys who wanted to develop a premium male line using high performance skin nourishment products with an affordable price tag. Currently the range is comprised of 4 products. We had an opportunity to review their Baldwin Moisturizing Lotion. The Baldwin […]

The Newest Trend Now In Korean Skincare – Ampoules

August 12, 2015


What are ampoules? They’re powerful potions, though, so just a few drops should do it. Here are the serums and ampoules that we swear by. While certain products in the regimen make a lot of sense to western beauty junkies (I totally understand face cleanser!), there are some categories that probably have you scratching your […]

Ramen Noodle Baths As A Skincare Treatment

June 23, 2015


The title of this blog itself sounds a little strange but yes you did read it correctly. The latest strange craze going on in Hakone, Japan is bathing at your local ramen bathhouse — Yunessan Spa House. Ramen-looking bowl bathtubs are filled with 100% pork-based broths (supposedly to be high in collagen so good for […]

Review of Rob Lowe’s PROFILE Skin Care Line

June 10, 2015


Hollywood celebrity Rob Lowe has finally launched his much talked about skincare line for men called PROFILE. It consists of 5 products ranging in price from $24.50 to $59.50. The products will be sold exclusively at upscale retailer Nordstrom and on the website starting in the Fall of 2015. Here is a sneak preview […]

Double-Cleansing – The Japanese Skincare Secret

May 13, 2015


The ancient Japanese skincare routine of “double-cleansing” or sometimes called “double-masking” is gaining more popularity in the States. It’s not washing your face twice in a row with the same product but rather a 2-step process where you cleanse your skin to remove makeup and then purify and hydrate skin afterwards. Different products used on […]

Cosmetics Trends Being Brought From East To West

May 6, 2015


Much of the innovation we see coming from Western skincare and makeup brands are actually those that have been brought over from the East, particularly from Japan, South Korea, and China. This shift is a result of the ever growing demand for the perfect skincare routine by Asian women. Asia’s middle class is growing in […]

Hot New Skincare Anti-Aging Ingredient – Cacay Oil

April 21, 2015


Harvested in the same jungles known to be the breeding ground for cocaine, the Colombian forests now are being filled with new plantations catering to the cacay nut. The Cacay tree grows native in the Amazon jungle and is becoming a new secret weapon in the fight to find the best anti-aging skin care ingredients. […]