The “PINK TAX” – Women Get Ripped Off

Posted on April 5, 2015


mens-grooming-products-on-saleA study has shown that females are getting charged $1351 more for the exact same goods that men purchase. This phenomena, called the “Pink Tax“, is making women furious.

Some women are now taking it to themselves by buying the same identical items in the male aisles such as self-care products like shaving creams, deodorants, skincare cleansers, and even razors. Why spend $3.99 for a women’s Skintimate shave cream when you can buy a non-female-scented alternative like men’s Barbasol shave cream for only $1.99 that works just as well?

And in the prestige skin care market, some women are now buying up much cheaper priced men’s luxury skin care products ($30-$80 range) with comparable performance targets over their $100+ 30ml small fountain of youth vials.

We know the huge cost of marketing is probably the cause for the insanely marked up prices for women’s luxury skin care products as advertisements are seen all over magazines and digital media platforms. But for some women, there is a point where shopping in the men’s sections provides much satisfaction knowing they are getting a better deal with their money.

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