Double-Cleansing – The Japanese Skincare Secret

Posted on May 13, 2015


The ancient Japanese skincare routine of “double-cleansing” or sometimes called “double-masking” is gaining more popularity in the States. It’s not washing your face twice in a row with the same product but rather a 2-step process where you cleanse your skin to remove makeup and then purify and hydrate skin afterwards. Different products used on your face require different cleansing methods as well as remedies.

double-cleansing-masking-japanese-skincare-routine-ritualStep 1: cleansing. Makeup is a pain to get off. Lifting it from the skin so that impurities can be easily washed away is the goal of the step 1 process in double-cleansing. In Japan, removing makeup is called “cleansing” and cleansing skin is referred to as “washing”. Cleansing is done through products like cleansing oils.

Step 2: washing. The Japanese skincare routine uses cleansing foams for this step. These foamy lathers are pretty thick as minimal skin to skin contact (which causes friction) is desired when using this type of product. Foaming cleansers should also be lathered up in the palms of your hands first before applying onto face.

Double-making also refers to using two different facial masks one right after another. The first one is used to strip away impurities stuck in skin pores and the second mask is used to firm and moisturize the skin. This is another form of a 2-step cleansing process used in Japanese skincare routines.

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