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New Beauty Trend – Dermaplanning – Women Shaving Faces

January 14, 2015


Want to know a weird beauty trend that is becoming more popular amongst the women? It’s shaving! — not shaving the hair off your legs but off your face. It’s called “dermaplanning”. This is a skincare procedure women are going to their dermatoligsts for — removing the peach fuzz hair off their faces using a […]

Skincare Cloth Face Masks Are The New Anti-Aging Solution

December 15, 2014


South Korea continues to be the leader in today’s skin care market by introducing innovative products to consumers. The cloth skincare mask, a pre-treated cloth with eyes, mouth, and nose cut-outs soaked in an anti-aging solution, has been used for ages by Korean women as their go to home spa face treatment. The past couple […]

Review of MANUKA DOCTOR ApiNourish Rejuvenating Face Mask

October 31, 2013


Back in December 2012 we alerted our readers to the Manuka Doctor skin care brand — their signature key ingredient is a highly purified bee venom. Almost a year later, we have finally had a chance to try out product from them as they are now available for sale in the USA. Here we will […]

Review of KORRES Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial

June 4, 2013


Having reviewed the KORRES Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizing & Brightening Cream product back in March with a tepid outcome, we decided to give the Korres skin care line another shot. This time we got close and dirty with their newest and latest breakthrough — Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial. Here is our product review […]

Five Shocking Skincare Facts You Probably Don’t Know

June 18, 2012


Reading through various skin care blogs and magazines here and there made me much more aware as to what is really good for your skin and what is really harmful for your skin.  Here I have compiled 5 shocking skincare facts that you probably are not aware but I think will find interesting to know: […]

Safe Spa Treatments for Pregnant Women

May 28, 2012


Being with child is one of the most beautiful experiences a woman can have. Feeling your baby’s foot kicking or feeling your baby stretching inside with hand and foot pressing the inside of your womb forges the intimate bond between mother and child. But pregnancy can take its toll onto women. Morning sickness, nausea, and […]