Cosmetics Trends Being Brought From East To West

Posted on May 6, 2015


asian-skincare-routine-innovationMuch of the innovation we see coming from Western skincare and makeup brands are actually those that have been brought over from the East, particularly from Japan, South Korea, and China. This shift is a result of the ever growing demand for the perfect skincare routine by Asian women.

Asia’s middle class is growing in size as well as their pocket books. Many Western brands are realizing that the average Asian women’s daily skincare regimen consist of around 10 steps, as compared to only 3 or 4 in the West. More steps means more money to be made. Thus Western and European brands are now bringing in Eastern influenced skincare products and ingredients into their lines. Asian men are also more discerning users of skincare products than other male races.

In 2009, the Asia-Pacific region accounted for around 44% of all global beauty products. It is expected that it will be closer to 50% this year. In order for the West to not fall behind, they have to look to the East for innovation.

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