Review of CREATE COSMETICS LACT10.1 Lactic Acid Moisturizer

Posted on August 4, 2015


One of our female staff members had a breakout of butt acne (buttne) and needed a fast remedy. Searching on the internet, we decided to product review the CREATE COSMETICS LACT10.1 Lactic Acid Moisturizer.

Create_Cosmetics_LACT10.1_lactic_acid_moisturizer_butt_acneOne of the ways to cure butt acne is by exfoliating the targeted area and by wearing clean breathable underwear. On the skin care side, treat the affected area with a lotion that contains Lactic Acid — which increases skin turnover, moisturizes and is anti-bacterial and a gentler alternative to benzoyl peroxide. The Create Cosmetics moisturizer contains 10% Lactic Acid and tea tree oil, another anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredient. Other key ingredients found in this product are shea butter, macadamia seed oil (skin softerner and rich in vitamins B and E), allantoin, and witch hazel (a fantastic soothing astringent).

Product performance of the Lactic Acid Moisturizer was fantastic. Butt acne slowly disappeared by a week’s time and our staffer’s derrière was acne free once again and super soft after our two week’s review time. Please be aware that initial usage of this product on acne may sting during the first few days of treatment. Our guess is that this product will be effective on back acne (bacne) as well.

The only downside to this product is the scent. It really has a strong turpentine smell. Yes, we are talking about what you use to clean your oil painting brushes. There is no fragrance added so it is a natural smell which we felt they should have masked with some type of scented oil or fragrance.

Overall, the Create Cosmetics LACT10.1 Lactic Acid Moisturizer is a great product to fight butt acne. It works effectively and priced at only $14.50 for 2.2 fl oz / 65 ml on, anyone looking to get rid of those unwanted butt bumps should consider buying this product.