Hot New Skincare Anti-Aging Ingredient – Cacay Oil

Posted on April 21, 2015


Harvested in the same jungles known to be the breeding ground for cocaine, the Colombian forests now are being filled with new plantations catering to the cacay nut. The Cacay tree grows native in the Amazon jungle and is becoming a new secret weapon in the fight to find the best anti-aging skin care ingredients.

cacay-nuts-caryodendron-orinocense-skincare-antiagingThe oil from the cacay nut contains antioxidants and retinoids (vitamin A) as well as high concentrations of vitamin E (50% more than argan oil), and vitamin F (linoleic acid which is an essential omega-6 fatty acid). Cacay nuts have the highest known concentration of natural Retinol than other tree nuts. It has also been known that ancient natives of the Amazon have used cacay oil to help treat skin irritations and burns.

Skincare products infused with cacay oil can fetch $200 an ounce due to its rarity. Manufacturers have estimated 2 kilos of the nut can make 1 liter of the oil with one nut being comprised of around 53% oil.

We have not yet had the opportunity to try a facial cream or moisturizer infused with this cacay oil. If anyone does have any recommendations on one, please do let us know.