Another Setback For Sunscreen Manufacturers

Posted on February 26, 2015


This week the US FDA released a statement regarding two new sunscreen active ingredients that have been under review for years: No Approval! The 2 sunscreen actives are ecamsule and enzacamene and the FDA last month also said the same thing regarding 6 other UV filters-ingredients seeking approval.

The FDA basically said we need more data to support the new sunscreen actives’ safety and effectiveness. This is definitely a blow to sunscreen manufacturers as well as to consumers who have been waiting to purchase new sunscreens using the same new actives, approved in the EU, that are available for sale in Europe. There just was not enough data on the long term effects of the ingredients and how much was absorbed into the skin.

A few months ago there was new legislation that was passed by Congress to help speed up the FDA review process for new sunscreen ingredients. We guess this won’t do much good as the FDA has stalled again in approving ecamsule and enzacamene requiring more safety data which may take years to get.