Review of FACE SKIN CARE Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream

Posted on February 19, 2015


Face Skin Care was launched to offer a shave cream alternative to Lab Series’ once popular Maximum Comfort Shave Cream. The Lab Series cream had benzocaine in it, a topical numbing agent, but recently Lab Series updated the product’s formula and removed it from the ingredient list. Hence Face Skin Care Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream was born to snatch up all the fans of the once popular Lab Series cream.

Face_Skin_Care-ultimate-comfort-shave-cream-lidocaine-numbingThe Face Skin Care cream incorporates lidocaine, which is a slightly safer version of benzocaine. We were a little suspicious of the use of these numbing agents in shaving creams but decided to give it a try since wet shaving purists were big fans of it. Why numb your skin when shaving? It’s because some people constantly have to shave once or even twice a day and with sensitive skin it gets painful at times. Other soothing ingredients used are Aloe, Allantoin, Shea Butter, and Eucalyptus oil.

The Face Skin Care shave cream is thick out of the tube and unfortunately this cream is not made to be used with a brush. There is no foam lather whatsoever so we had to resort to using our fingertips to spread it out over our beard. The manufacturer recommends that the cream be left to sit for 30 seconds before shaving to give the lidocaine time to numb the skin.

Upon shaving for 5 days straight, we found the shave cream to provide just enough numbness to the skin that it took the pain away from doing multiple passes with a straight razor. We however weren’t numb enough that we could still feel the razor pressure gliding over our skin during passes, which is preferred because you want to still be able to detect pain just in case your applying too much pressure to your blade. The Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream provided a pretty slick and smooth shave and left us hydrated and happy.

Overall, the Face Skin Care Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream is a hit product for those with sensitive skin. It can take the discomfort away from the shaving ritual. Priced at $15.99 for a 3.4 oz tube or $29.99 for a 8 oz tub, any wet shaving purist should give this product a try!