Why Allantoin Is A Favored Skin Care Ingredient

Posted on February 14, 2015


Happy Valentine’s Day readers! Hope everyone is snuggling tonight with a loved one.

allantoin-superb-skincare-moisturizing-ingredient-anti-inflammatoryIf you are looking to purchase some new anti-aging skin care products on Valentine’s Day, look for ones with the ingredient Allantoin in it. Allantoin is considered a “star molecule” because of its beneficial effects on the skin as well as its stellar safety profile. It is derived from the roots and leaves of fast-growing comfrey herb plants.

Why are skincare manufacturers rushing to include allantoin in their formulas? The ingredient soothes and heals irritated and flaky skin through its anti-inflammatory properties. It is so effective that allantoin is also sometimes used to heal patients with radiation skin burns. It also increases water absorption of the skin matrix making it a superb natural moisturizer and skin softener.

For men, allantoin is a must in any aftershave balm + moisturizer. It will help calm any shaving redness as well as leave skin nourished after a shave from morning to night via its long-lasting hydration properties.