Review of DR. DENNIS GROSS SKINCARE Color Smart Cleanser & Mask

Posted on January 21, 2015


The DR. DENNIS GROSS skin care line is the proud and joy of NYC dermatologist Dr. Gross. His vision was to create the right skincare products where one can get the same type of results at home as compared to a visit to the dermatologist office. Today we are reviewing the Dr Dennis Gross Color Smart Cleanser & Mask.

dr-dennis-gross-skincare-color-smart-cleanser-mask-product-reviewThe interesting feature about this product is that it changes color as you use it. The soap-free formula releases color-changing ingredients when activated as it cleanses and removes dirt and oils. It’s supposed to signal the user when the proper cleansing has been reached (when the product turns a pinkish color). What we did notice was that the Color Smart Cleanser & Mask immediately changes color even with little scrubbing and swirling. So we believe that this visible color change is not really and indicator of proper cleanliness — more like a marketing gimmick.

What’s packed in the dual cleanser-mask are three forms of vitamin C (their Citrus Enzyme Bead Complex) which releases actives that assist with anti-aging. Use it as a facial cleanser or leave on for 3 to 4 minutes as a purifying mask. Some of our staff reported intense skin stinging after applying on the Dr. Dennis Gross cleanser/mask and found it very unenjoyable. So use this product with caution. It may not be for your skin.

On the positive side, the product smells wonderful with a hint of citrus and it cleanses well without overdrying skin. The product does not have any foamy action so people who want to use it with their Clarisonics, you may want to reconsider.

Priced at $28 for a 3.2 oz / 94 ml tube, the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Color Smart Cleanser & Mask is a hit or miss. It will either sting the heck out of your skin or provide it with gentle exfoliating deep-cleansing action.