New Beauty Trend – Dermaplanning – Women Shaving Faces

Posted on January 14, 2015


Want to know a weird beauty trend that is becoming more popular amongst the women? It’s shaving! — not shaving the hair off your legs but off your face.

women-shaving-face-new-beauty-trend-dermaplanningIt’s called “dermaplanning”. This is a skincare procedure women are going to their dermatoligsts for — removing the peach fuzz hair off their faces using a whisklike device all the way down to the epidermis. But why pay someone to do this when you can just do it yourself at home?

Some beauty experts are touting the benefits of facial exfoliation via shaving with your razor. They are saying that men who wet-shave with a manual razor are not only removing facial hair but also exfoliating off dead skin. This allows the newer skin to appear.

Is this the reason why men in general look younger in age than women? Maybe. Or maybe not. Noone knows for sure but it does sounds like a plausible explanation.

One word of caution for those women wanting to give this new beauty trend a try. If you have lots of facial hair, we would not shave. Your hair may over time become thicker in appearance. And if you are going to give this a try, go with the best men’s skincare and shaving line out there: TwinLuxe products (