Review of PACIFIC SHAVING CO. Caffeinated Shave Cream

Posted on January 7, 2015


Tons of people wake up each morning to a freshly brewed cup of coffee to get their morning caffeine fix. Now how about waking up to a caffeinated shave? PACIFIC SHAVING CO. has created just that, a Caffeinated Shaving Cream.

Pacific_Shaving_Co-caffeinated-shave-creamFor people who love to wet shave and use a silvertip badger brush, this cream may be for you. The Pacific Shaving Co. shaving cream whips up a very light lather but very well. We would say that a nickel-sized amount would give you enough to easily last 3 shaving passes.

But for those who do not use a shaving brush, the cream formula itself is very thick like toothpaste. So spreading it onto your face with your fingertips probably is not the best way to use this product. It may seem too thick for your cartridge razor.

The cream has an enjoyable tingly sensation probably due to the menthol and caffeine. It also smells like spearmint. Now regarding the caffeine, we’re pretty sure the manufacturer didn’t add caffeine in the cream to give you a “wake-up” in the morning but rather for its skincare tightening and anti-inflammatory properties. Our staff members who are very sensitive to caffeine (those who drink a cup of coffee during dinner and can’t fall asleep until past midnight) all said that the Caffeinated Shave Cream did not give them the mind jolt they normally experience from a fresh brew. So we can confidently say the shave cream itself has low concentrations of caffeine, as it can be easily absorbed into the skin. The cream did provide an excellent shave but it wasn’t the best for keeping the skin super moisturized. Our skin felt slightly tight. We are not sure if this was due to the caffeine, or because our skin was a little too dry post-shave.

Overall, priced at $8 for a 3 oz / 89 ml, the Pacific Shaving Caffeinated Shave Cream is a steal for wet shaving purists. It lathers on light, smells great, and goes a long way. However, if you don’t shave with a brush you may not find it as enjoyable as those who do.