Skincare Cloth Face Masks Are The New Anti-Aging Solution

Posted on December 15, 2014


facial-cloth-masks-treatments-skincare-korean-beauty-productsSouth Korea continues to be the leader in today’s skin care market by introducing innovative products to consumers. The cloth skincare mask, a pre-treated cloth with eyes, mouth, and nose cut-outs soaked in an anti-aging solution, has been used for ages by Korean women as their go to home spa face treatment. The past couple years, more and more cosmetics manufacturers are either importing or developing their own face sheet masks to capture the growing appetite by Americans for Korean beauty products. There are many to choose from too. Ones that target skin hydration and moisturization to ones that promise to make you look 10 years younger by getting rid of your wrinkles.

The cloth face mask has its benefits over traditional gooey and messy mud face masks. They are easy to apply and use, and clean up afterwards is a cinch. Mud masks take forever to slather on and its removal is a pain.

Face cloth masks come conveniently in these foil packs. Once you peel the package open, you simply plop it onto your skin, adjusting it so your nose, mouth, and ears are positioned in the cut-out holes, and sit back and relax for 10 to 30 minutes (30, if you want total skin bliss). After the treatment, you just take the cloth mask off and throw it away! No rinsing of the skin is needed. Your skin will feel plump and dewy afterwards. Most people will use these at home so looking like Iron Man or Hannibal Lecter for 15 minutes won’t hurt anyone, though we have seen people donning them wandering around Korean public spa baths with no shame.

The cloth masks can be bought on the cheap from $1 to $2 each all the way up to $50 to 75 each (those are probably soaked with diamond and ruby powder or laced with gold flake). The key to these products are to keep trying different ones. You may be surprised that a $2 mask works better than a $25 one. Korean skin care rules doesn’t it?