Review of ZIRH Prepare – PreShave Oil

Posted on December 3, 2014


ZIRH skin care products continue to be a favorite of ours in the middle priced tier of grooming products for men — not cheap and not luxury expensive. We continue with the review of their line with the ZIRH Prepare, a botanical pre-shave oil.

zirh-prepare-preshave-oil-shaving-productsMost preshave oils are heavily scented especially ones from Art of Shaving. However, this ZIRH Prepare has no scent whatsoever. We actually prefer this as it does not interfere with the wonderful smells of our rich shave creams. The purpose of a preshave oil is to make shaving easier and more slicker by softening the beard and by also providing an extra layer of protection in between your skin, shaving cream/gel, and your razor blade. The ZIRH oil did just that. All our male staff nicked themselves less while shaving after a two week trial with this product. Prepare worked great on either a shaving gel or shaving cream.

The best feature of using the preshave oil was the noticeable easier “glide” of the razor blade over our skin.

The key ingredients in Prepare are safflower seed oil (moisturization), carica papaya fruit extract (exfoliation), and mango fruit extract (antioxidant). Product does contain parabens.

Priced at $18.50 for 1 fl oz / 30 ml, this product runs a bit on the expensive side for what you get. And its use is only confined to just preshaving use. The product is oily as the name suggests. We had to wash our hands twice with hand soap to get it entirely off. Though it is not as multi-functioning and oil-free as the TwinLuxe Booster Serum which we reviewed previously, if you desire a more comfortable shave you may want to consider the ZIRH Prepare.