New Sunscreen Bill Has Just Become Law

Posted on November 17, 2014


sexy-sunscreenLast week, the House of Representatives just made into law the Sunscreen Innovation Act, a bill to expedite the FDA review process of sunscreen active ingredients.  The FDA has not approved any new sunscreen filters, the actives in sunblock products that protect you from the sun’s UVA and UVB radiation, since 2006.  This can be attributed to the highly bureaucratic nature of the FDA with many levels of pushing paper during the review process of new drugs. So for almost a decade, skincare manufacturers have had to use the same UV filters in their sunscreens and not any of the newer more protective ones found in those sold in the European Union.

So what does this new bill passing mean for Americans and the skin care industry?  Innovation!  We expect this law to pave a new wave of suncreen innovation in terms of labs wanting to develop new ways to help absorb or block the sun’s damaging rays.  Skin cancer kills roughly 10,000 people a year and with this disease being highly preventable, newly formulated sunscreens will provide more health awareness about the importance of using sun protection and effective solutions in fighting skin cancer and premature skin aging.

For more details about the Sunscreen Innovation Act, you can read the full bill here.

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