Airless Pumps on Tubes

Posted on October 20, 2014


Pump-On-A-Tube-Amplify-MeadWestVaco-Packaging-Dispensing-Solutions-Skin-careWe have always been big fans of airless technology used in skin care packaging (ie. airless pump bottles and jars). They keep product formulas fresh and sterile from environmental contaminants and extend the shelf-lives of what’s stored inside. We just bumped into this today while browsing the latest trends in skincare, and had to share this with our readers.

This is not a novel concept but this was the first time we actually saw skin care products packaged in an airless pump-on-tube. You don’t squeeze the tube to dispense product but rather just press down the applicator. And product can be dispensed upside down at a high evacuation rate. This is perfect for products you toss in your small purse or manbag such as sunscreens or face lotions.

The airless tube pumps are truly an advancement in the skin care industry and in packaging design. Kudos for whoever thought of this idea first.

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