Transition Your Skin Care Regimen To The Fall / Winter Season

Posted on October 13, 2014


As the month of October approaches, the weather turns cold. People normally switch up their wardrobes putting the shorts and tank tops back into their closet storage while bringing out the sweaters and long jackets. When the temperatures change, so does our skin. Dermatologists recommend switching up our skin care routines as we do our wardrobes during the changing of the seasons.

fall-winter-skin-care-tipsFall is here so that means we go from hot and humid to cool and dry. Here are 3 skin care tips you should consider:

1) Your skincare should be more about moisturization during this transition. If you live on the East Coast with winter blizzards, your skin gets wind-chafed and dry / itchy. Moisturizers help alleviate this skin problem.

2) Don’t forget to still wear sunscreen. Even though the days may be more overcast and glim, people still think that it’s not sunny outside and that no UV rays are bombarding their skin. Ultraviolet rays can still get pass through clouds so it is recommended that your SPF 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen should be applied all year-round.

3) Exolifiate still during the Winter months. People tend to forget exfoliating their skin during the cold months as they believe that removing flaky dry skin will actually make it worse. That is not true if you gently exfoliate. Getting rid of dead skin allows for moisturizers to more easily penetrate the depths of your skin.

Follow these simple tips and your skin will be able to get through the harshest of seasons with ease.

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