Shaving Tip For Men & Women: Sterilize Your Blade!

Posted on October 1, 2014


sterilize-rinse-clean-wash-shaving-razor-bladeWhether it is a man shaving his tough beard with a luxury damascus steel straight edge or a woman removing the almost invisible cheekbone hair with an inexpensive eyebrow and facial razor, it is recommended that one should always sterilize their blade before going about any type of hair removal. One of our female staffers came into the office today with a severely reddened face. By process of elimination, she concluded that it was the result of her shaving her facial hair last night with a dirty blade which she had not sterilized and used weekly since purchasing over 6 months ago. A germ-infected blade can cause skin irritation and redness as what happened to our female staffer.

So how do you sterilize your shaving razor blade? First, use an old toothbrush and scrub the razor clean with soap under hot water. Next, pour rubbing alcohol onto the blade surface to disinfect. It is important to let the blade air dry before using.

This shaving tip will discourage the growth of bacteria onto your razor and provide you an irritation-free shave. And by the way, this also applies to all electric razors too. Clean the head surface on a regular basis!

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