Review of BRICKELL Shave Cream & Face Moisturizer

Posted on September 9, 2014


We came across a new men’s skin care and shaving brand called BRICKELL Men’s Products. Just launched recently, the line’s selling point is that their products are all natural and organic. Their goal was to create something a guy “could wear while leading a business meeting, playing some pick up football, or a night out on the town with a special lady.” Today we are reviewing Brickell’s Shave Cream and their Face Moisturizer.

Brickell_mens_products-skincare-Shave-Cream-Face-Moisturizer-reviewWe’ll start off with the Shave Cream. Our initial impression is that this product is not a shave cream. It’s more like a shave lotion. It has a consistency of a lotion and a whitish appearance. Directions say to apply a nickel-sized amount onto face and gently massage onto skin. When we did this, the non-lathering cream now soaks into the skin and turns opaque/colorless. The shave cream is now no longer visible. This creates problems when doing shaving passes as it is impossible to tell where you have or have not shaved. Protection-wise, we found the Brickell Shave Cream to offer substandard protection from our blades. Lotion-like shave creams do not protect as well as dense rich shaving creams that stay on your face and do not get absorbed into the skin. The ingredient list shows the product is 95% natural and 72% organic. The light scent is unique — something of a mix of coconut and citrus crossing on medicinal. Priced at $24 for 8 oz / 237 ml, it is expensive for what it offers.

The Brickell Face Moisturizer performed a lot better fortunately! It’s again all natural with the main ingredients being Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, and Jojoba. It has an oil-free feel and applies on smoothly to the skin. The product offers a nice matte finish without any shininess. We would rate this a pretty effective light-weight face moisturizer. Hydration lasted for hours and priced at $35 for 4 oz / 118 ml anyone looking for an all natural non-synthetic face moisturizer should consider this. Just like the shave cream, we found the product’s scent to be very unique. Our Asian staff pinpointed the fragrance dead on. It smelled like grass jelly.

Brickell men’s products only use natural ingredients. As a result, pricing of these products are more expensive than the mass market skincare products found at your local RiteAid or CVS stores. We consider Brickell a luxury men’s skin care line as they have chosen high quality ingredients to be used in their products. Give them a try!