Review of BIOTHERM HOMME High Recharge Eye Shot

Posted on August 26, 2014


BIOTHERM HOMME is one of the leading men’s skin care brands in Asia. We reviewed one of their serums before here and are continuing our review of the line with their High Recharge Eye Shot.

Biotherm_Homme_High_recharge_eye_shot-cream_treatment_skincareFrom the product name, this eye treatment sounds like it should aliven one’s eye area right upon application. It also states on the packaging that it is an “instant anti-fatigue cold massager gel”. Upon our standard two week testing, we found some of the claims to be true and others not.

The most enjoyable part of using the High Recharge Eye Shot is the instant icy cold sensation you feel from the 3 metal sphere balls housed in the applicator (see picture). The scentless eye gel itself does not provide a cooling sensation but the 3 icy spheres do. This energizing “cold slap” does provide a refreshing feel to your skin similar to that of an ice cube melting on your skin during a hot summer day. The lotion-like eye gel is neither thick nor too watery so it spreads easily over the skin. It has a non-oily texture and keeps the skin feeling plump with hydration. The product did not reduce the appearance of dark bags as like so many other eye creams and gels out there claim they do but fail in the end. Rest assured, the best way to reduce dark circles is SLEEP my friends!

Now onto the negatives. The 3 roll-on metal balls impede application of the product and probably are more there to just give a cold massaging feel to the skin. So without the 3 icy sphere balls, this product in our opinion acts just like a normal facial moisturizer even though it’s marketed as an eye treatment.

The key ingredients in the eye gel are Caffeine (convey anti-oxidant properties), Sericoside (for anti-wrinkle properties), and Manganese (thought to act as an antioxidant but there is no scientific evidence when applied topically on skin), along with pure Ginseng and Thermal Plankton extracts.

Priced at $22 for 0.5 fl oz, we are impartial on the Biotherm Homme High Recharge Eye Shot. It did keep our skin under our eyes plump with moisturization but that was about it. And can’t any regular face moisturizer do that too?