Review of SEVEN SONS Shave and Men’s Skincare Line

Posted on July 9, 2014


Seven Sons™ is a new up and coming men’s shaving and skincare line with great potential. We are happy to have been chosen to review their full product line. Seven Sons is launching with 5 different products: Face Wash, Shave Cream, Face Lotion, Body Wash, and Night Time Serum. Their line is made from selective ingredients focusing on providing the best shave experience, minimizing the effects of aging, and bringing about lasting results. All the ingredients used in their formulas are both biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Seven_Sons_shave_skincare_line_2The Seven Sons has a bare-bones no-frills line of skin care products beginning with their Face Wash. The face wash is a clear gel with a very fruity fragrance. With just only a tiny amount, it lathers up extremely well to give the face a nice refreshing feel. It does not make the skin overly tight which means it does not over-dry your skin. The second step in the line is the Shave Cream. The saying “a little goes a long way” applies to this cream. This white cream in a squeeze tube with a sporty scent requires only a thin layer to provide adequate protection against the sharp razor. What we noticed is that after washing the cream off, our skin still felt soft and moisturized, a sign of an excellent shave. Lastly, their final step in their 1-2-3 system is the Face Lotion. The moisturizer sports a manly fragrance that pairs well with the shave cream. It does not leave an oily and heavy feeling on the face and does not clog the pores after a close shave.

In addition to their three step program, they also offer a Body Wash and Night Time Face Serum. Their body wash is reminiscent of the Old Spice body wash. It has a very masculine and fresh fragrance and cleanses the body well without overdrying. The night time serum was our favorite product out of the Seven Sons line. Apply it before going to bed to help the skin repair itself. It leaves skin feeling plump without any oily sheen.

Although the official retail pricing is not out yet, we have gotten word that this will be fairly priced for those who are looking for an entry level skin care line (msrp ranging from $6 to $11.50 / product) that doesn’t have parabens or other highly controversial ingredients. However, the Seven Sons products are heavily scented so those who don’t like artificial cologne fragrances should stay away.

The Seven Sons shave and skincare brand is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota and will soon have retail outlets initially in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We hope to see this men’s skin care line in store shelves all across the US. Keep an eye out for it!

Face Wash – 2 oz / 59 ml
Shave Cream – 2 oz / 59 ml
Face Lotion – 2 oz / 59 ml
Night time Face Serum – 2 oz / 59 ml
Body Wash – 5 oz / 150 ml