Teenage-Looking Girl in Skin Care Ad Is Actually 45!

Posted on June 7, 2014


Wow this is unbelievable! We just stumbled upon Japan’s “Lady of Eternal Youth”. She is 45-year old Masako Mizutani.

Mizutani has been featured as the skin care model for Asahi’s Asta line of collagen powder, which contains 12 ingredients that promote younger-looking skin, such as collagen peptides and elastin peptides derived from pigs:

Passing for the looks of a teenager easily, Mizutani, also mother of a 22-year old daughter, has caused a stir in Asia with her eternal youth complexion. She attributes her timeless look to her dedicated FIVE-HOUR daily skin care routine! (I guess she does not have a job! LOL).

Now what skin care products does she use in her routine? We do not know. However if she really uses that Asahi Asta collagen powder, we should all be drinking that!