Review of LAURA MERCIER Face Polish Scrub

Posted on May 15, 2014


Women’s cosmetics luxury brand LAURA MERCIER is dominantly positioned in the premium makeup market offering a gamut of wonders for females to look marvelous. Their skincare line is just as effective. We are reviewing their flawless skin Face Polish product.

laura-mercier-face-polish-scrub-skincareIn order to get that perfect complexion, every man and woman should exfoliate their face a minimum of two times a week to fluff off dead skin. Some men prefer their facial scrubs to be more abrasive on their thicker skin while women generally prefer more gentle working face scrubs. The Laura Mercier Face Polish is more on the gentle side. Its emollient-rich creamy and grainy formula incorporates purifying micro beads leaving skin super smooth after use. Our staff (both men and women) were impressed with its gentle but yet effective exfoliation which left skin with no over-drying or over-flaking. It’s a face scrub that works period. Some more pros: we did not find the scrub difficult to wash off and it left no residue feeling.

The Laura Mercier scrub does have a light fragrance added. Its scent resembles the lingering fresh shampoo smell of a woman passing by who just took a shower…light and refreshing. For the men out there, it did not smell too “girly”.

Some of the key skincare ingredients used are sunflower oil (retains moisture to prevent skin from drying out and possesses antioxidant properties because of the vitamin E presence) and macadamia seed oil (hydrating emollient). Four different parabens are present in the ingredient list unfortunately.

Priced at $32 for 3.4 oz / 100 g, the Laura Mercier Face Polish is not overpriced or underpriced. It’s an effective facial exfoliator that should be considered a core skin care product for anyone.