Review of SON&PARK Duo Skin Solution V Treatment Pack

Posted on April 2, 2014


Korean skin care products are hot these days as the latest beauty innovations have originated from South Korean cosmetics companies. One emerging brand we have noticed is SON&PARK (or known as ‘SONNPARK’ on their packaging). We are reviewing their Duo Skin Solution V Treatment Pack.

SONNPARK-Duo-Skin-Solution-V-Treatment-Pack-Korean-skin-care-anti-agingThe Son & Park Duo Skin Solution V Treatment Pack is itself cutting-edge and a remarkably unique luxury skincare product intended for women use but heck men can use it too. The purpose of the V Treatment is to calm, soothe, and heal itching irritated skin.

We say the V Treatment Pack itself is unique because this skincare kit comes “unassembled” meaning you have to manually put all the components together before use in order to maximize its freshness. The steps are to put their double-sided soft microfiber cotton pads (comes with 25 pads) into their jar and pour the separate serum solution into it. You then refrigerate the jar for 9 hours and then use tweezers to get the soaked pads out. Final step is to gently rub the pad onto your face and neck (red spotted side first, then other side last) in circular motions to complete the face treatment. Note that it is recommended to not wash your face afterwards and to leave the product on.

Performance of the V Treatment Pack is fantastic. After massaging the soaked cool pads onto our face for a minute, our skin felt fully hydrated and plump for countless hours. We also loved the cool sensation of the refrigerated pads brushing against our skin. Did it make our faces glow and look younger? Yes! And by the way there is no smell associated with this product.

Key ingredients in the serum solution are Astaxanthin (restores skin’s natural antioxidant balance and protects cell membrane against lipid peroxidation), green caviar, 30 species of marine collagen, niacinamide (vitamin B3 that improves skin’s elasticity and helps erase discolorations), and adenosine (increases production of dermal fibroblast proteins to reduce skin sagginess).

A key feature of this SON & PARK anti-aging face treatment is that it leaves the skin “dewy” and shiny in look and does not interfere with makeup. Currently this is the desired look for Korean female celebrities — having a slightly damp looking complexion. Dry powder was so 3 seasons ago! Also according to our Korean staff, one of the brand’s co-founders is a celebrity makeup artist and he applied this product on A-lister movie star Jun Ji-hyun (picture below) while filming the Korean drama hit-series My Love From From Another Star. She always had a wet looking complexion on screen.

The only drawback we found from the V Treatment Pack is that it does leave your skin slightly sticky with a light colorless film residue. Women in Asia are crazy about this right now but maybe not so for the blonde women in America. Certainly some of our men who reviewed this product didn’t like this somewhat sticky residue on their face but they claimed the film provided excellent skin moisturization throughout the day.

The Park&Son Duo Skin Solution V Treatment Pack is a much needed interesting high performance anti-aging face treatment that any man and women should try. It provides stellar skin youthing results within just 1 week of daily use. Priced at only 18,000 KRW (Korean Won) for 25 pads, it won’t break your bank. But good luck finding it that cheap in the USA. Expect to pay at least $50 for it here.