Review of ZIRH Post-Shave: Erase & Soothe Gel

Posted on March 5, 2014


Men’s grooming powerhouse ZIRH has a wide array of shaving products and it is not surprising to see them offer a complete multi-step regimen for facial hair removal. Their premium ZIRH Platinum line is amazing as we have positively reviewed them in the past. This time we were able to get our hands on their more moderately priced post-shave solution, specifically the ZIRH Erase and the Soothe Gel products.

zirh-postshave-erase-soothe-gel-shaving-productsThe main purpose of a post-shave product is to relieve the skin of irritation. The typical Joe Blow isn’t the most skilled barber and occasionally gets unwanted redness from his extra sharp razor. Thankfully we have some basic must-haves for rectifying our wet shaving mistakes:

ZIRH Erase is described as an aftershave relief tonic formulated with anti-inflammatory cucumber and grapefruit extracts combined with chamomile. First off, we do like its very subtle manly scent. Overpowering aftershave fragrances just scream ‘I am an overcompensating, testosterone fueled male.’ Erase is a spot treatment for razor burn, razor bumps or ingrown hair. Most people usually get razor burns around the jawline due to the trickiness of shaving this particular area and this product works wonders. The tonic easily gets absorbed into the skin providing soothing relief to our troublesome spots. The product is colorless and has a water-like consistency. We recommend patting the product onto the skin to help with absorption immediately after shaving. Think of this product as a “shaving toner.”

The ZIRH Soothe Gel is enriched with soothing aloe, ginseng and anti-oxidants to comfort, hydrate and relieve skin irritation. The consistency of this gel is fairly thick so it coats the skin with ease locking in moisture. Post-shave and after applying the Erase tonic, we placed a thin layer of Soothe Gel throughout our face and neck. It coated and healed any redness, burn, or irritation we may have suffered leaving skin buttery soft and supple. The gel is almost completely odorless which is great because a mixture of the Soothe Gel and the Erase scents could have been disastrous. It feels very light and its oil-free texture is a plus.

Both the Erase and Soothe Gel come in fairly large bottles resembling mini motor oil containers (ZIRH Erase – 200 ml / $32.50, ZIRH Soothe Gel – 100 ml / $32.50). From this, we are inferring that ZIRH recommends us to use them generously during application. Both are priced in the middle range for men’s luxury skin care products and perform on par with other comparable lines.