Post-Workout Skin Care Tips for Men and Women

Posted on February 19, 2014


Staying in shape by exercising and hitting the gym should be part of everyone’s lifestyle. Not only do regular workouts help stimulate the human body processes, your body sweats and releases toxins. Exercise thus helps open skin pores and rejuvenates skin cells — things that help get you that younger looking glow. But are there any specific routines one should do after a workout to help keep skin staying nourished and vibrant? Yes there are! Here are some that we recommend you follow after an intense workout:

skincare-tips-post-workout-men-women1) Rehydrate. Make sure your body is replenished with necessary fluids lost from a vigorous workout. This seems pretty common sense.

2) Hygiene. If you are at a gym, be careful of the towels and cleansing products that are offered by your gym in your locker room. Be sure not to use towels already used by someone else. Sweat can cause unwanted acne on your skin. And be sure to avoid wearing the same sweaty gym clothes after washing yourself clean.

3) Cleanse. If you have time after a workout, wash yourself from head to toe. Sweat build-up contributes to skin irritations and harbors bacteria, viruses, dirt and grime.

4) Moisturize. Especially for your face, a good moisturizer is needed. Never put moisturizer on your face if you have not properly cleansed it first after exercising.

5) Avoid Sun. Pores after working out tend to be larger than when your body is at rest. Increased pore sizes mean possible more dangerous skin exposure to the UV rays. Be sure to try and cover up a bit post-workout, and use a nice SPF 30+ rated sunscreen for extra protection.

It’s a wonderful thing for everyone to exercise. Not only does it make your immune system and body healthier, your skin benefits from it too. But use caution after working up a sweat and help seal in the exercise benefits by following these 5 simple post-workout skin care tips.

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