Review of URSA MAJOR Stellar Shave Cream

Posted on February 4, 2014


We had the opportunity to review the URSA MAJOR skin care and shaving line for men. The story behind the brand is that they provide healthy and highly effective skin care solutions to provide exceptional performance and truly sublime experiences. Here we are doing a product review of their Stellar Shave Cream:

Ursa_Major_Stellar_shave_creamLet’s talk about the positives of the Ursa Major shave cream. First off, the ingredient list is void of any toxins and irritating chemicals! It claims to be 98.6% natural and 51% organic with ingredients sourced from family-owned sustainable growers. The scent of the cream is addictive…a mixture of a ginger and licorice. Its formula is also soap-free and thus non-irritating and does not over-dry skin.

We did however find the downfalls of the shaving cream to overshadow the positives. It did not have a texture like normal shave creams. It was more of a lotion that dried out very fast after application and one would have to keep reapplying product to finish the shave. Its consistency was thin and not very slick so all the men here would not recommend this product to be part of any man’s core shaving routine. We strongly suggest this cream be used with a shaving lubricant (pre-shave oil or preshave serum like the TwinLuxe Booster Serum) just to get the necessary skin care protection and slickness every man deserves on his shave.

The Stellar shave cream is recommended to be used only with the hand as it does not foam and work with a silvertip badger shave brush. This isn’t a deal breaker as a small minority of men are wet shaving purists that must use a shave brush, but the majority of men in the USA simply use cream from a can paired with their Gilette Mach3 or Fusion blade.

Overall, we are not fans of the product performance experienced with the Ursa Major Stellar Shave Cream. In fact we would recommend them remove the word “Stellar” from the product name. Priced at $24 for 5.3 fl oz, it’s not something we would buy again.