Review of TOM FORD Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer Skin Care For Men

Posted on December 24, 2013


Fashion designer and icon Tom Ford has done it again. He has just successfully launched his premium skin care line for men. The 8-product Tom Ford Beauty lineup is exclusively available at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. We will be reviewing their Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer.

Tom-Ford-Beauty-Oil-Free-Daily-Moisturizer-skincare-for-menFirst off, Tom Ford is 52 years of age with skin looking like he were in his 30’s. So we got to believe that whatever skincare this guy uses, maybe we should too! The Tom Ford Beauty range is focused on skincare technology. He wanted to develop highly efficacious products combining eastern and western science and ingredients to reverse the visible effects of the modern man’s lifestyle of travel, late nights and outdoor sports has on the skin. The end result is a line powered by three Skin Calming and Infusing Complexes full of plant extracts, botanicals, and antioxidants.

Out of the 8 products of the line, we were most intrigued with the Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer. We found that it performed very similar to the ZIRH Platinum Age Defense product we reviewed before. It’s purpose was to function as an all-around protecting moisturizer and environmental skin stress blocker. The Tom Ford moisturizer provided fast-absorbing and skin-mattifying hydration to the skin which also was very lightweight in feel and texture. What’s unusual is that this product contains luxurious butters which help reduce fine lines and minimizes pores but we did not find this product to be greasy feeling. The facial moisturizer provided hours of intense skin firmness and plumpness and in just only a week, our skin appeared more polished and reenergized.

Overall, the Tom Ford Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer is as potent and addictive as his splashy clothing lines. We were pleasantly surprised since we have found that the majority of skincare lines put out by high-profile fashion brands are usually inadequate products when compared to their high retail price tags. But priced at $105 for 50 ml / 1.7 fl oz, every man should give Tom Ford a try!