Winter Skin Care Tips

Posted on November 18, 2013


Winter is here and it is damn cold outside! What usually happens to your skin during this season is Dryness. So what skin care tips can we offer to help prevent the Winter Dryness syndrome?

dry-skin-winter-skincare-tips 1. Moisturize! Different seasons may require different moisturizers. If you have not already found out, your face lotion that works superbly during the summer and spring months may not be as effective during the blistering cold months. Your skin is more dry during the winter months so a much more needed high performance moisturizer is needed. Here we can weed out the good stuff versus the bad stuff. A bad moisturizer can hide itself during the hot months due to the skin producing more oils but when it comes to winter its flaws instantly show. Consider getting the TwinLuxe Anti-Aging SPF Moisturizer for 5-star hydration and SPF40 protection year-round. Say Winter Dryness good-bye!

2. Help Your Hands! Raise your hand if you ever find your hands really crackled dry during Winter. We notice a lot of men have this problem. This is because your hands have fewer oil glands and the skin is thinner than most other parts of your body. And most men don’t use hand lotions period. Whip out the moisturizing lotions now and pamper your hands every so often.

3. Avoid Face Chemical Peels! We recommend not getting any chemical face peels during the cold months. Your skin is already more dry than usual and subjecting your face to more harsh peels and masks is overkill. Instead opt for any deeply hydrating masks which do not draw moisture out of your skin.

Those are three winter skincare tips we encourage everyone to follow to battle Winter Dryness. Simple & Easy!

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