Review of BEE BALD Man Care Products

Posted on October 22, 2013


For the “follically challenged” men out there, skin care brand Bee Bald has come to the rescue! Launched in late 2012, Bee Bald offers superior skin and shaving solutions for those who think hair is so overrated. There certainly is a niche to fill for products for bald men as this is the only comprehensive headcare line we have come into contact with aside from HeadBlade products. We had a chance to review their entire product line and here are our thoughts about it:

The common thing our staff thought about the Bee Bald mancare products was that it is a highly fragranced line meaning every product smelled heavily of the same fragrance. The scent was that of a strong Calvin Klein Eternity cologne whiff. So if you are into that, you’ll love these products. Price points are EXTREMELY affordable so we are not considering Bee Bald a luxury men’s skincare line but one more for the masses. All products have an ingredient core consisting of Pollen Extract (makes sense for this brand to utilize bee pollen which has fantastic antiseptic properties), Honey Extract (reduces skin inflammation and is a perfect natural skin hydration ingredient), and Licorice (anti-inflammatory properties). Paraben-free products! The 6 Bee Bald products are:

CLEAN — This light facial cleanser gel with a hint of exfoliating jojoba beads doesn’t overdry and leaves skin very clean. Not the best facial cleanser out there but decent. We found a small misprint on their tube’s ingredient labeling and alerted them of this. $14 / 4 oz.

SMOOTH — This very light-weight non-oily moisturizer instantly cools down face and head. We found it refreshing to use on the bald areas during intense sunny days. We did however find that this product did not hydrate long enough as skin felt a bit dry after a few minutes post application. Leaves no shine on bald heads which is desired! $15 / 1.7 oz.

SCRUBThis is their best performing product out of the line! Face and head are super soft and hydrated after use. The product’s consistency is pretty thick so use lots of water with this to help spread out the beads. Contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and Walnut Shell Powder as the exfoliant (positively surprised that walnut shell wasn’t that abrasive as initially thought but worked very well). Please note that a man has to be more gentle on the head when exfoliating as skin there is a bit thinner than compared to the face. $15 / 3 oz.

SHAVE – This watery shave gel is off-white in color when squeezed out of the tube. After 5 seconds, you can’t see where the gel is on your face because it turns colorless. We did not like this quality because it can lead to over-shaving (shaving too many times in the same area because you do not know if you shaved there before) and headshavers may rather want to see where the shave cream is at since it’s already visually harder to shave one’s head than beard. Not the best shaving gel we have used but aside from it being colorless it does provides ample protection. Does not clog cartridge blades :). $14 / 6 oz.

HEAL – This aftershave healer is colorless and has a consistency like a face serum — so we dub it the “aftershave serum” due to its high performance nature in soothing all shaving related accidents. It glides on smooth and is absorbed quickly into the skin leaving no oiliness or residue. Skin feels super smooth after use. We prefer this product over SMOOTH. We consider HEAL the best bang for the buck product out of the entire line.
$12 / 1 oz.

REFRESH MULTI-PACK WIPES — The Refresh wipe in our opinion is their signature product. Its been designed to be thick and strong offering your head and face a quick “pick me up” when needed. REFRESH works wonders and keeps our hairless heads grease-free and not shiny. Does not overdry skin. Think of this as a “Toning” Wipe product. A must-have for all bald men! Bald women too? $12 / 30 wipes per pack. They also offer this product in Refresh Singles (1 wipe per pack).

In summary, the Bee Bald skin care line yielded excellent performance results for the price paid. We recommend every bald man in America to give them a try! We were surprised there was no sunscreen product in their lineup. Since follically-challenged men have a greater need for this, could this be their next launched product?