Review of GIVENCHY Le Soin Noir Face Cream

Posted on October 2, 2013


French fashion powerhouse Givenchy has its own luxury skin care line. Just like their clothing counterparts, the Givenchy skincare line is priced only for the top 1% of America. We had a chance to review their new Le Soin Noir face cream.

Givenchy-le-soin-noir-antiaging-moisturizer-face-skin-care-luxuryThe secret ingredient behind this ebony-colored face cream is the novel use of rare Black Algae extracts. The Vital Black Algae Sap Concentrate reconstructs a catalyst in the skin to counteract the signs of aging. The algae molecules are rich in fatty acids which help restore skin firmness.

Our staff found that the Le Soin Noir rich cream delivered good results in covering fine line and wrinkles. Skin felt plump and firm after application. Guess we can call the black algae “Black Magic!” for youthful looking skin. It is surprisingly weird but in a good curious way that the cream applies transparent in color on the skin. Its scent is light but luxuriously divine.

However on the downside, we must mention the price — $380 for 1.7 oz. Directions say to use a pearl-sized amount so that equates to around only a month’s use if used daily. And because of the huge price tag, many of our staff felt bad to use the entire recommended usage amount each time so really the price tag hinders the proper use of this product. The anti-aging cream felt a bit heavy on the skin, especially on oily skin types, and does not absorb well into the skin leaving a greasy sheen. As a result when applied under makeup, don’t be surprised to look “cakey”. We also did not like using a tiny spoon each time to scoop out of the jar as that meant more work cleaning it than actually applying the product on.

So our verdict is this … Not sure if it’s a good idea to buy top-tier-priced skincare from a brand more known for his handbags and clothes. The Givenchy Le Soin Noir face cream did provide excellent skin smoothness and firmness however there are a lot of other superior alternatives which cost a lot less and are more enjoyable to use.