Review of ZIRH SkinCare in ESPY Awards 2013 Gift Bag

Posted on August 12, 2013


ZIRH Skin Care for men - 2013 ESPY Awards Gift BagESPY Awards 2013

Last month, hundreds of sport’s finest athletes and celebrities gathered in Los Angeles for the 2013 ESPY awards. As part of the ESPY tradition, they were given products to enhance their lifestyle, including travel, health, athletic apparel, and of course skin care. The contents inside ESPY swag bags are known to have collective retail values totalling over $20,000! We were fortunate enough to get our hands on the same ZIRH Skin Care lineup as all the high profile athletes.

Zirh Protect
ZIRH’s Protect is an anti-oxidant moisturizer that comes in a white cream that helps fight environmental damage to the skin. One word that best describes this moisturizer is soothing. It does a very good job keeping your face hydrated in the morning post face-washing. It has an extremely light fruity scent. The only downfall of using this during the day is the need to add another element with SPF protection. If this product had SPF protection, it would be a perfect all-around moisturizer for daily use; otherwise we would stick with this only for night use.
Key Ingredients – Vitamin E, Avocado Oil, Chamomile Extract, Pycnogenol.
100ml – $32.50

ZIRH Shave Cream
ZIRH’s shave cream offers a unique and refined brushless cream experience away from the foam that you would normally find in a can. Men typically shave once every day or two and finding the right shave cream is important. One thing we did notice was that quite a bit of this product needed to be used to get decent coverage and it performed best when your face was completely dry. Any moisture left on the face and this product disappears once applied because it washes away very easily. Menthol is present in the cream which gives a tingly sensation after a shave. One thing we do love about this product is how soft our faces felt after the shave. Although it is catered toward men, I’m sure that most women will find this cream an enjoyable experience.
Key Ingredients – Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Seaweed Extract.
100ml – $15

ZIRH Clean
The first thing we noticed about this face wash was the refreshing lemon scent. We usually stay away from products with fragrance as it does tend to irritate skin but this proved to be an exception. The face wash is a clear gel that lathers up very well. A small dime size of this will go a long way. This product uses the popular alpha-hydroxy acid to remove dead skin that leaves you feeling refreshed and clean. Skin felt a little bit tight after use yet left face feeling moisturized. We do not mind the tight feeling because it does feel clean. The face wash is perfect for men who need salicylic acid in their daily regimen while also benefitting from the addition of alpha-hydroxy acid. A great addition to any man’s skin care regimen!
Key Ingredients – Triple Alpha Hydroxyl Acids, Menthol, Salicylic Acid.
250ml – $20
125ml – $15

ZIRH Scrub
This scrub is a clear gel with a very grainy texture. The exfoliating element is extremely fine and abundant. We recommend not rubbing too hard as it can get abrasive for those with sensitive skin. The aromatic sandalwood scent is very masculine and can be a bit overwhelming for those who do not prefer this smell. It could turn out to be a love-hate relationship — you could love how soft your face will feel after using it and you could hate the smell that it leaves behind. Since smell is very subjective, we recommend sampling it before committing yourself to it. If you have blemish prone and oily skin, this face scrub will be a great addition to your routine.
Key Ingredients – Aloe Vera, Diatomaceous Earth, Sage.
100ml – $20

ZIRH Skin Care for Men
ZIRH offers a wide range of men’s skin care products designed to enhance our day to day experience. We guarantee you will find a ZIRH product to fall in love with. And for all the women out there, do not be intimidated to give these products a try. Please also read our other product reviews about ZIRH Platinum, their most expensive luxury performance skincare range.