Spray Sunscreen as Effective as SPF Lotion?

Posted on July 1, 2013


The western United States is experiencing scorching hot temperatures this week and it is important that everyone use the proper sun protection. Sunscreen manufacturers offer SPF product in a form of a spreadable lotion or in a more convenient application method utilizing a spray applicator (aerosol or manual spray pump). Well … which one is more effective in preventing sunburn and skin cancer? Sunscreen lotion or Spray sunscreen?

sunscreen-spray-ons-versus-lotion-based-which-one-is-better-effectiveAssuming we have two equal SPF rated products manufactured by the same brand, common sense tells us that sunscreen lotions offer better sun protection than their spray-on counterparts. This is because more product is being used by the consumer when it comes out of a tube or a pump bottle. More product used usually equates to better sun protection. More time is also required to carefully spread out the lotion evenly onto your face and body. In addition, skin care manufacturers are offering a lot more “goodies” for your skin in lotion based sunscreen formulations. Take for example our top pick for the best sunscreen for men and women … the TwinLuxe Anti-Aging SPF Moisturizer. It contains UVA + UVB Broad Spectrum SPF 40 protection and THREE types of stem cell technologies (2 from plants and 1 from an apple) to help combat anti-aging and provide long lasting skin moisturization with a non-greasy formulation.

We have all used spray-on sunscreens countless times at the beach and pool. This is due to its easy nature of applying sunscreen to the body without having to deal with the oily mess of touching it. And especially when you are the beach where sand becomes and issue, it is a lifesaver. But after writing this article, think back at how much spray-on sunscreen you apply to your body. It’s usually only a thin layer of product at best. The mist the aerosol spray puts out is yes … just a mist. So in order to coat your skin with an adequate amount, one must spray each body part for at least 5 full seconds to get the same protection as a spreadable sun cream. Most people do not spend more than 5 seconds to spray on sunscreen for their entire face, arms, legs, and torso areas!

Studies sponsored by health care groups have also supported our thoughts above. So the next time you stroll down your local Target or Walmart aisle looking to buy a sunscreen, opt for the lotion based kind. And if you want superior sun protection infused with the latest skincare technologies, look into luxury niche brands like TwinLuxe. Skin cancer is something you do not want and it is so easy to prevent it by following the tips mentioned here.