Review of KYOKU FOR MEN Sake Infused Shave Cream (Normal Skin)

Posted on June 17, 2013


Every man needs a great shave. So finding the best shave cream for your face is always a never ending story. Here we are doing a product review of the KYOKU FOR MEN Sake Infused Shave Cream (Normal Skin). This is not a new cream that has recently hit the market but one where we get requests for a review. Please note that Kyoku has two different shaving creams on the market and we are reviewing their Normal Skin one and not their Sensitive Skin.

kyoku-for-men-sake-infused-shave-cream-normal-skin-luxury-skincare-productsSake is a great ingredient to use in any skincare and shaving product due to its proven skin softening and superb moisturization properties. Proof is that local Japanese sake distillery workers who handle sake on a daily basis all have youthful looking hands. So why not get a great shave and look younger at the same time? We were expecting great results from the Kyoku cream after just reading their product label.

Let’s jump straight to performance results. The Kyoku cream did not live up to its expectations even though it was awarded grooming awards from both GQ and Esquire magazines in 2011. Our staff used Gillette Mach 3 blades, double edge razors, and straight blade razors to test the product out. The majority opinion was that the sake infused shaving cream did not provide enough skin protection and shavers were not able to get a close shave as compared to their favorites like the ones we reviewed here. Silicone micro-particles are also infused in the light greenish pearlescent cream but we did not notice any extra added glide or lubrication to our shave. The sake infused moisturization wasn’t as good as hoped. Maybe the sake concentration was not high enough to notice any improved skin hydration. The cream does give off a pleasant cooling sensation on your face and neck and we enjoyed the faint scent it provided.

Now for the cream’s texture, in a luxury shave cream we were expecting to get a buttercream cake frosting-like texture but instead we got a gooey sludge. This gooey feeling was rather odd and we actually felt that it made shaving more difficult (took longer to shave and longer to wash off blade). This product is a non-lathering cream so for you diehard wet shaving purists, you may want to look elsewhere.

A few years ago a tub of this Kyoku sake-infused shaving cream was priced in the mid-$30’s for 170 ml / 6 fl oz. But now full retail is only $27.50. Was the price decrease a result of waning demand or lowered production costs? Either way we are not a fan.