3 Reasons Why People Don’t Use Sunscreen

Posted on May 18, 2013


sunscreen-use-shocking-facts-why-people-dontEverybody knows at least one friend who refuses to use any skin care products. And most of them also adamantly do not use sunscreen to prevent premature aging and think having tan skin is healthy.

A recent survey published in a British newspaper has found some shocking reasons about sunscreen use in the United Kingdom. Here they are:

  1. 57% of people use out of date sunscreen
  2. 26% use cream that is more than 2 years past its use by date which means it offers little sun protection
  3. 60% say it is too expensive to purchase so some British supermarkets are now calling for the government to remove VAT taxes from suncream purchases

It is pretty disheartening to hear statistics like these. So the only advice we can give to you is that please check the expiration dates on all your sunscreen (and skin care products). There is no point in applying product that is past its recommended expiration date.

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