The Best Skin Care Routine is No Skincare! *

Posted on May 12, 2013


future-of-skincare-products-best-skin-care-routineSince we are a men’s and women’s skin care review site, we found writing this post a little bit strange and shocking. One of our female staff members was hospitalized and bedridden for a couple weeks. After she was allowed to return home, she noticed that her skin tone and complexion had never been this clear and vibrant. She did not use any facial toners or washes, serums, moisturizers, or apply makeup to her face during the two week hospital stay…and out she came looking younger with seriously a flawless complexion. What the heck just happened? The best skin care routine is a no skin care routine?

First off, to be crystal clear the hospital stay was for a major thoracic surgery and not for a beautifying facial procedure. For her daily hospital skin care regimen, all she did was use a warm wet terry cloth towel to wipe down her face three times a day (morning, afternoon, and night).

As for her diet, she ate low-salt and low-fat hospital grub three times a day for two weeks. She also did not really wander out of her room so she was subjected to a very controlled atmosphere — constant humidity with no environmental pollutants (as commercial grade hospital HVAC systems are one of the best in the world) and minimal sun UV radiation exposure. Please note that air pollution is a big contributing factor to the amount of free radicals your skin encounters each day. And free radicals are the key to promoting premature aging.

One would think that she got plenty of sleep during this extended hospital stay. However, it was not the case. She got overall fewer hours of sleep each day as compared to the amount she would get at home. This was due to the fact that she was taking meds every 2 or 3 hours and would get woken up by the nurses throughout the night. So it was shocking that optimal sleep and exercise were not contributing factors in her skin care rejuvenation.

So is it safe to conclude that in ideal environmental conditions with a proper healthy diet, one’s own skin complexion can be improved drastically to a point where no skincare products are needed in order to get that perfect glow? We think yes! But for now it is important that we all use the best skin care products we can get our hands on because we aren’t living in a harm-free bubble environment devoid of food temptations (ie. McDonalds and fast food). So maybe in a futuristic world 100 years from now where we will be floating in spaceships through the depths of space in controlled atmospheres, the word “skincare” may be a forgotten word.