Review of SKINMEDICA Vitamin C+E Complex

Posted on May 6, 2013


Luxury skincare line SkinMedica is based on the science of the skin’s own healing abilities. Their products contain restorative ingredients that work below the epidermis to regenerate cell health fighting the effects of time on the skin. Here we will review one of their Age Defense products called the Vitamin C+E Complex.

SkinMedica_vitamin-ce-complex-luxury-skin-care-products-anti-aging-antioxidantsThe Vitamin C+E Complex was developed to provide a comprehensive solution in fighting free radicals (anti-aging benefits) and improve the skin’s tone, texture, and firmness. It incorporates a silicone suspension system to time-release the powerful antioxidant effects throughout the day. So the manufacturer recommends that this product be used only in the mornings.

The ingredient list is one of the smallest that we have seen for any targeted anti-aging skin care solution…only 9 ingredients with the majority of them being Vitamin C and E derivatives. And what is this Vitamin C+E Complex? It contains 15% vitamin C (10% L-ascorbic Acid and 5% tetrahexyldexyl ascorbate) plus some Vitamin E in much smaller concentrations. Although it is great to see proven antioxidants being used here, we find that this product does not offer anything out of the ordinary to make it stand out from the vast selection of luxury anti-aging products.

Since silicone is used in the Vitamin C+E Complex, our female staff found that it was uncomfortable to use concurrently under long-wearing or waterproof makeup as they are silicone based too. Too much silicone on top of your skin may feel heavy and it may also keep in any sebum, dirt and bacteria that may already be on the skin from escaping which may lead to skin irritation.

The product itself was super fast absorbing and had a light fluid consistency and texture with no scent. It dried in a matte finish and left a thin film on our skin and fingertips similar to that of having your first encounter with soft water. There really isn’t anything visible on your skin but when you rub it, it feels like something is there. We found that the C+E Complex did not hydrate the skin as well as we hoped. Double application of the product must have been done in order to achieve satisfactory moisturization. Regarding the product’s claim of improving the appearance of skin tone, texture, and firmness, we did not find that it offered any better performance than other generic anti-aging products. Some of our staff did encounter skin stinging upon application that lasted a few seconds. Not sure what that was about but it was something we had to note. And another disappointment was the packaging. The pump mechanism doesn’t work after around 2/3rds of the bottle had been dispensed. So we had no choice but to unscrew the cap and manually shake out the product since we wanted to use every last drop since it ran us $95 for 28.3 g / 1 oz.

In summary, the SkinMedica Vitamin C+E Complex has a proven anti-aging / antioxidant ingredient list on paper, but does not deliver in terms of actual performance results. We found it to be a “forgettable” product as music mogul Simon Cowell would call it and would not recommend our fans to camp out in front of your local medical spa to purchase it.