Review of PERRICONE MD Blue Plasma non-acidic daily peel

Posted on May 2, 2013


When you think of scientifically-formulated luxury skin care products for men and women, the brand Perricone MD probably first comes to mind. They have recently launched their Blue Plasma product and we had a chance to review it.

Perricone-MD-Blue-Plasma-nonacidic-face-peel-luxury-skin-care-best-men-womenBlue Plasma is a revolutionary non-acid daily peel for people who want smoother and brighter skin. Many face peel products are harsh for your skin primarily because they contain high concentrations of acid to dissolve skin cells. However we prefer Perricone MD’s approach to the skincare peel by avoiding those highly acidic ingredients which tend to dry and make your skin flaky.

Well how does it all work since no acids are used? According to the manufacturer, the secret lies in the use of Salmon Roe Enzyme, a Bio-specific peeling agent that tackles only dead skin cells. Upon further examination of the ingredient list, we think the key to the non-acidic exfoliation is the high concentration of Urea in the product and not the Hydrolyzed Roe. So may the Salmon Roe Enzyme just be a marketing gimic? Maybe. Urea is not an acid, but it works in a similar way to Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) like glycolic acid. Other key ingredients used are L-Carnitine (helps with micro-extraction to unclog and purify skin while naturally hydrating skin) and Copper (an antioxidant that helps in cell rejuvenation).

A fantastic aspect of Blue Plasma is that once you smooth it all over your face, you do not wipe or need to wash your face afterwards. It is recommended though beforehand that you properly cleanse your face. There is a nice cooling sensation upon application (due to the Menthyl Lactate) which we did not find irritating to the skin.

All of our staff, both men and women, agree that this product deserves the title of “Best Facial Peel Product of 2013”. The liquid exfoliant performance results are unparalleled and most importantly it is safe for your skin and gentle enough to be used daily. And with dead skin out the picture, your face feels like it has been replaced with new skin visibly more luminous than before! We also tried it onto our dry foot heels and hand knuckles and results were just as good.

Since the price is not in everyone’s budget ($95 for 2 fl oz / 59 ml), a great alternative would be the Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting Exfoliant 2% BHA Liquid which we reviewed here previously. Overall, if you are a Perricone MD diehard, the Blue Plasma is another great extension of the brand and a must-buy for anyone looking for a safe non-acid face peeling product. Gimicky or non-gimmicky, the product works!