Review of ETUDE HOUSE Magic Bubble Brush Peeling Foam

Posted on April 29, 2013


Etude-House-Magic-Bubble-Brush-Peeling-Foam-150ml-korean-skincare-products-liquid-exfoliantSince many of our followers have asked for more Korean skincare reviews, we have decided to write about the Etude House Magic Bubble Brush Peeling Foam. Here is our product review of it:

First off, the main reason we have choosen this product for our readers is for its uniqueness. This cleansing exfoliator has a super soft bristle applicator made out of the same material as baby bottle nipples. The product dispenses out of the bristle area and you gently rub it onto your face and neck as it foams up into a light bubbly lather. Think of it as a face cleansing massager brush that is extremely fun to use.

Ingredients used inside this peeling foam are AHA (alpha hydroxy acid to reduce wrinkles, stimulate collagen, and firm skin — best for sun-damaged or dry skin as it exfoliates on the surface of the skin), apple extract (for moisturization and promoting clear complexions), and soy bean proteins (full of natural anti-oxidant and conditioning properties).

The product has an enjoyable faint smell. Please note that this product is not intended to be used as a makeup remover but strictly as a cleansing exfoliant. The Peeling Foam does an OK job at facial cleansing and skin exfoliation, and pretty much everything else. We’d also say it is not the best liquid peeling exfoliant on the market and certainly not as hydrating as the most expensive luxury face peel products.

Etude-House-Magic-Bubble-Brush-Peeling-Foam-korean-skin-care-productsWe are linking to Etude House’s Korean web address as the Magic Bubble Brush Peeling Foam is not sold on their USA site, however it may be purchased on if anyone is interested in it. It’s only priced at $19 / 150 ml so if you want to liven up your skin care routine, try this product out.