Review of TASK ESSENTIAL New Time O2 Serum

Posted on April 19, 2013


Luxury niche men’s skincare range TASK Essential was launched in 2004. This high performance skin care solution from Switzerland bases its products’ formulations on the use of oxygen molecules and plant, fruits, and vitamin extracts. Here we will review one of their best selling products New Time O2 facial serum:

TASK-Essential_new_time-o2-face-serum-mens-skincareThis oxygen serum was developed to revitalize and restructure one’s skin complexion. So in other words, it is a great facial serum to use on problematic spots day to day.

The active ingredients in New Time O2 to note are:
1) Edelweiss extract — Edelweiss is a very hardy flower plant known for its purity and remarkable resistance to the most extreme environmental conditions. Its extract provides high levels of antioxidant activity, higher than retinol or vitamin E.
2) Oxygen — helps increase the production of collagen to firm skin
3) Vitamin C — helps in the synthesis of collagen deep down in the epidermis
4) Peptides & Oligopeptides — stimulates collagen synthesis and smoothes skin to renew skin’s elasticity and natural radiance

The manufacturer states that New Time O2 provides “up to 24 hours” lasting hydration of the skin. So we are thinking that this serum works as well as the TwinLuxe Soothing Face Balm, however this is not the case. The TASK Essential serum did provide awesome moisturization to the skin but certainly not lasting more than a few hours. But during the first few hours, our skin really felt firm and radiant. We recommend applying a secondary facial moisturizer on top of the TASK revitalizing O2 serum to get optimum long-lasting hydration.

What we also liked about the oxygen serum is that it quickly absorbs into the skin without leaving an oily sheen. The packaging itself is very high quality as the product utilizes an expensive airless aluminum bag bottle keeping the contents fresh and germ-free from the environments. The product has a pleasant faint scent.

Overall the TASK Essential New Time O2 serum is worthy as an addition to any man’s skin care regimen. Priced at $76 for 30 ml, it’s not too hard on your wallet and will last you around 2 months of skincare bliss.

$76 / 30ml