Top Rated Shaving Creams (Lathering & Non-Lathering)

Posted on April 12, 2013


wet-shaving-best-shaving-creams-lathering-nonlathering-brushlessA man can spend an entire month out of his lifetime in the bathroom with just his trusted blade and shave cream. Thus it’s imperative to have the proper tools and top rated skincare products to make your daily grooming ritual more gratifying. Shaving purists won’t remove a hair off their beard without first lathering up with a silvertip badger hair brush. However the majority of men prefer to do a quick one without the use of a brush via a brushless non-lathering cream or electric razor.

If you still have not found your perfect shave cream, this post is for you. To our women readers, you may want to try our recommended picks to minimize any shaving accidents too (they work well on your legs and armpits).
Here are our favorite shave cream picks rated off two criteria:
1) shaving experience
2) how your skin feels and looks post-shave


  1. TWINLUXE Smooth Shave Cream $34 / 5.2 oz — a high performance product that offers superb slickness and protection from your blade. You will not encounter any shaving redness. Ingredients found in this product superbly moisturize your skin during and post-shave. Toss the Gillette foams and gels away and upgrade to this one! Ideal for Fusion or Mach blade users along with diehard straight razor shavers.
  2. NANCY BOY Blossomwood Shave Cream $18 / 6 oz — an overall wonderful product to use if you are in a rush each morning. Spreads on smooth and offers a decent close encounter with your razor blade though not as moisturizing as the TwinLuxe creme.


  1. SANTA MARIA NOVELLA Crema da Barba $68 / 7.8 oz — Pay to Play describes it all here. It’s one of the best but expensive shave creams on the market. It produces a very rich thick lather perfect for double edge or straight razor shaves while leaving skin feeling nourished and soothed. Santa Maria Novella and TwinLuxe offer the best luxury shave creams overall when taking into consideration preventing redness, providing slick close shaves, and offering moisturzing skin properties.
  2. ACQUA DI PARMA Soft Brush Shaving Cream $62 / 4.4 oz — don’t be scared by the price tag here. This tub will last you easily 6 to 9 months. Provides easily lathering and a smooth shave. The standout is its wonderful scent typical of Acqua di Parma products. If you want a cologne-like smelling experience, this one is for you.
  3. THE BLUEBEARDS REVENGE Luxury Shaving Cream $25 / 100 ml — one of the easiest lathering creams on the market with a soft texture. Possesses wonderful lubricating properties along with thick lather that does not drip off your face.

So if you are a wet shaver, try the ones above we strongly recommend. Let us know what you think!