Review of 3LAB “M” Cream – Ultimate Lift

Posted on April 5, 2013


Looking for women’s anti-aging products that don’t demand too much counter space? You may want to look into 3LAB SkinCare. This steamlined range uses only the highest grade botanicals and state of the art technologies to perfect skin through firming, smoothing, and evening the complexion. Full of anti-oxidants and other beneficial ingredients, this line strives to help you looking young. Here we review one of their superb products called “M” Cream – Ultimate Lift:

3LAB-m-cream-ultimate-life-stem-cells-appleAccording to 3LAB, the M moisturizing treatment immediately firms the skin and gives it a radiant, youthful glow. Rich with stress-relieving ingredients, your skin will feel “happy” and uplifted while helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines over time. It is supposed to also relax facial muscles and reduce wrinkles.

Let’s talk first about the ingredients used in the M Cream. It uses stem cells from the rare Uttweiler Spatlauber Swiss apple. With only twenty Uttweiler Spatlauber trees in existence, this super expensive apple stem cell extract works to increase resiliency and cellular turnover to give skin its naturally radiant glow from the inside out. We have always been a big believer of stem cell technology as the answer to today’s health and skincare problems. It is great to see it implemented in today’s leading brands like 3LAB. It is also interesting to note that our top pick for best skin care product of 2013, the TwinLuxe Anti-Aging SPF Moisturizer, also is infused with the same Uttweiler Spatlauber Swiss apple stem cells. Now back to the M Cream … it also features Nano-Claire GY™, the world’s first bioengineered growth hormone with enhanced skin penetration through nanotechnology, as well as Happybelle, a phyto-endorphin extract derived from cactus Monk’s Pepper, to reverse all signs of aging.

This anti-aging cream was designed to be used mornings or nights on cleansed skin. It possesses a thick but not pasty texture and is quickly absorbed into the skin while leaving a thin protective non-greasy film on the surface. We can confirm that M Cream superbly hydrates and firms the skin! Over our two week trial period, our skin saw a huge improvement in its vibrancy and skin tone as well as diminished appearance of fine lines around the crow’s feet areas. 3LAB has delivered in terms of product performance! Our male staff also enjoyed using this product too.

Priced at $270 for 2 oz., is this product really worth the price? Should people who really do not want to spend more than a Benjamin on the best skincare products forget about it and just splurge on the 3LAB M Cream? If you want revitazlied and a younger looking complexion, our answer is YES!