Does Drinking Alcohol Affect Your Skin?

Posted on April 3, 2013


drinking_beer-alcohol-effects-on-your-skinIf you work hard and live a life full of stress, chances are you may have encountered a few too many nights on the town with your best friend Johnnie Walker. Drinking downs the worries and provides you the kahunas to be a little more adventurous and wreckless for the evening. However, a night at the bar can ruin your skin complexion. The day after, suffering from the dreaded hangover, don’t you notice that your skin just somehow looks more aged and feels dry?

Drinking alcohol depletes your skin of moisture, vitamins, and nourishment making your skin complexion looking less than healthy as well as prematurely old. As one may wrongly think, drinking your favorite beer or martini is not a hydrating event. It is rather the opposite … a drying event. Alcohol is a Diuretic and acts on your kidneys to pee in more than you take in. And after a few elbow exercises with the shot glass, the amount of water drawn out by alcohol that night may add up to be a gallon’s worth! The secret to safe drinking is to sip water in between sips of your favorite drink.

People usually get more acne breakouts after excessive drinking too. This is caused by the alcohol damaging your liver, the cleansing system for your body. And if your liver is not working properly, toxins tend to stay in your body resulting in more acne formation.

So it is no suprise that the next morning, your dehyrated skin may appear to be more wrinkled or sallow. As a quick remedy to excessive alcohol abuse, dermatologists recommend that you drink an insane amout of water before calling it a night. Refueling your body with H2O as well as flushing out the alcohol will help your cells regain the much needed rehydration. And don’t forget to slap on your best face moisturizing skin care products before you go to bed as well as right after you wake up.

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