Review of TWINLUXE Booster Serum

Posted on April 1, 2013


Men all love getting a clean and close shave. And with every pass of your razor gliding across the surface of your face, how awesome would it be to get a revitalizing skincare treatment at the same time? Well the TwinLuxe SkinCare line for men does just that … they fuse the rituals of wet shaving with the potent advances in skincare technology to create one hellava high performance line. Here we will do a product review of their Booster Serum, one of TwinLuxe’s best selling products:

TwinLuxe-booster-serum-best-mens-skincare-shaving-productAccording to the manufacturer, the Booster Serum “revolutionizes any shaving experience”. How? It can be used pre-shave, post-shave, or anytime. So it’s not a one-trick pony and probably TwinLuxe’s most versatile product out of its eight product line-up.

With pre-shave use, one applies the Booster Serum before applying shaving cream … sort of like a preshave oil. It is instantly absorbed into the skin without any oiliness and dries matte. And after 30+ shaves, we consider it a superior alternative to a preshave oil and would properly call it a “preshave serum” in the sense that it really helps condition and nourish your skin like a hydrating serum while providing extra slickness to your shave. Shaving with the TwinLuxe serum and without it is like night and day. Our male writers are all hooked on it and instantly notice how much closer their shaves are and how much softer and plump their faces get afterwards.

As far as post-shave use, the serum is effective in reducing problem spots on your skin like dry patches or shaving redness if you encounter any. And for anytime use including night-time treatments, this product works wonders providing hydration to skin on an instant.

Some wonderful key ingredients to point out in this product are Sodium Hyaluronate (an excellent moisturizing ingredient which can penetrate deep into the dermis and can hold more than 1000 times its own weight in water), Hydrolyzed Rice Protein (stimulates cell metabolish and Collagen 1 synthesis), and White Tea Leaf Extract (anti-aging polyphenols to improve moisture of the stratum corneum).

Priced at $76 for 50ml / 1.67 fl oz, the TwinLuxe Booster Serum is a bargain. For men, you get everything you can dream of when it comes to wet shaving and luxury anti-aging skincare. It’s no surpirse that our male staff has voted TwinLuxe as the best men’s luxury skin care line on the market today.